Chheskam school

31 December 2018 Guru:   “well Rob, if you start at 3am, you might just make it to Chheskam in one day” Rob:    “heh?” Guru:   “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow” Rob:    “OK Guru – it may be a little early for New Year’s Day…”   The line crackled to a halt as reception in

Preparations for a busy autumn season

A quick update on this autumn’s trek and climb. John Taylor and the RSM team from the UK are flying out on the 2nd november. After meeting up in KTM, we’ll have time to do the customary tour of KTM which leads nicely into the flight out to Lukla on the 5th. This year’s trip

Medical Expedition Summary (November 2017)

Expedition summary – November 2017   As I write, teams are setting off for Everest for their 2 month expeditions and pursuit of the summit of Mount Everest. Although our altitude aspirations are a little lower at Trek8848 these days, our dedication to the area, the people and the mountains that make this part of