Why choose Trek8848?

Trek8848 is not like any other company providing trekking services in the Everest region. We focus our efforts solely in this area and uniquely, provide you with guides who have, amongst many other things, summited Mount Everest. We’re passionate about the Khumbu and particularly, Everest the mountain. We have all toiled hard and risked a lot to have had the honour of standing on the earth’s highest point. Our genuine affection for the place will undoubtedly rub off on you.

None of what makes Trek8848 so amazing could be possible without our Ang Nuru. Summiting Everest with Kev and Rob in 2003, he has remained a close friend and is an important part of the company.  He will amaze you with his flare, insight and incredible strength. He brings to you a genuine connection to the Sherpas, a kind and noble people, ensuring that when you leave, you’ll have gained a true flavour of the cultural tapestry of the Khumbu Valley.

And finally, something worth considering and partly why we think Trek8848 should be your choice. Trekking to Everest Base Camp can at times be physically hard and people often wonder whether they “have it in them” to make it all the way. Some people worry about the health issues that arise by traveling in a third world country and to such high altitude… if so, Trek8848 simply has to be your choice. Let Rob, Kev and MK take the strain. We know exactly what it takes to get you to your final goal, safely, and importantly, with a smile on your face; and in the unlikely event that you were to get ill, what greater insurance than being with us? Kev (ICU specialist nurse), Rob (Emergency Physician and altitude specialist) and MK (Cardiologist and altitude specialist), have all the medical credentials to help alleviate any concerns and allow you to enjoy your trek all the more.

We look forward to seeing you in Nepal and helping you to achieve your Everest dream.

Rob, Kev and Ang Nuru